12 REASONS TO DIE #1 Ghost Variant Variant


12 Reasons To Die is a brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal, and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 Dons who conspired his murder. Created by Ghostface Killah and produced by RZA, this hard-knuckled horror/crime hybrid follows multiple timelines - and multiple artists - in the quest for revenge.

Product Details

Publisher: Black Mask Studios

Variant Cover Artist(s): Jason J├Ągel

Writer(s): C.E. Garcia, Patrick Kindlon, Matthew Rosenberg, Adrian Younge

Penciller(s): Joe Infurnari, David Murdoch, Gus Storms, Kyle R. Strahm, Breno Tamura

Inker(s): Joe Infurnari, David Murdoch, Gus Storms ,Kyle R. Strahm, Breno Tamura

Colorist(s): Jean-Paul Csuka

Letterer(s): Frank J. Barbiere

Year Published: 2013