DYING AND THE DEAD #1 Ghost Variant Variant


'TODAY, TOMORROW, THE GRAVE' A murder at a wedding reveals a fifty year-old secret. At great cost, a man with a dying wife is given the opportunity to save her. A lost tribe is reborn in another time. Seemingly disparate events that force relics from the Greatest Generation to come together for one last hurrah. Brought to you by award-winning writer JONATHAN HICKMAN and fan-favorite artist RYAN BODENHEIM, THE DYING AND THE DEAD is high adventure meets end-of-life care. It's Indiana Jones for Old People. There are no fedoras, only bedpans.

Product Details

Publisher: Image Comics

Variant Cover Artist(s): Jonathan Hickman

Writer(s): Jonathan Hickman

Penciller(s): Ryan Bodenheim

Inker(s): Ryan Bodenheim

Year Published: 2015