"Partners in Plunder!" Batman and Robin attempt to foil the Penguin's most recent string of thefts yet, using different gimmicked umbrellas for his thefts. Batman is tricked into creating a crime for the Penguin in which the crook would steal a jeweled meteorite that is on display in Gotham City.

"A Bad Day for Batman!" Batman relates to the local press how his recent pursuit of a crook was foiled first by the sun reflecting off a girl's vanity mirror, then a light bulb burning out when chasing the crook down a hall and a boat running short on gas.

Product Details

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer(s): Ed France Herron

Penciller(s): Sheldon Moldoff - 'Shelly'

Inker(s): Joe Giella, Sidney 'Sid' Greene

Letterer(s): Gaspar Saladino - 'Gaspar'

Editor(s): Julius Schwartz

Cover Artist(s): Joe Giella, Carmine Infantino

Year Published: 1965