Espionage Cosmetics + BCC = Fabulous Launch Party!

Posted on May 22nd, 2013

Join Merrick and professional makeup artist Jamie for the launch of geek-inspired Espionage Cosmetics at Bridge City Comics! Bring your curiosity and love of colour, we'll provide the makeup and champagne! Grab a glass of bubbly and learn about this wonderfully versatile line of cosmetics with colours inspired by every aspect of geek culture... from comic books to video games to a certain beloved space western. Espionage is one of Merrick's favourite brands, and she wears it almost daily! Add hair tinseling services provided by miss Sera Fae to this fabulous mix, and we're ALL in for a treat of an evening!

In addition to being a professional makeup artist that works on movies, commercials, web series, and fashion shoots, Jaimie is also the artistic director and CEO of Espionage Cosmetics. Lucky us, Jaimie is bringing her massive movie makeup kit for LIVE DEMOS! Yes, it's your chance to have a professional makeup artist do your makeup! Jaimie will pick a few willing audience members to showcase how the products can be used on eyes, cheeks, or lips; she'll also try to answer any makeup questions you have to throw at her. There will be Espionage minions on hand to help with testing and learning about the line of cosmetics throughout the evening.

Plus, because we can't resist her charms, Sera Fae will be providing her fantastic hair tinseling services as well. Get threads of metallic and prismatic colour woven into your hair for $2 a strand or 3 strands for $5. Hair tinsel is great because you can wash it, heat style it, and even dye over it, and the threads will last for months... it's a little extra sparkle in your life that's hard to resist!

Instead of the beer we usually have on hand for signings and release parties, Bridge City Comics will be providing champagne for attendees that are over 21. We'll try to have a few tasty nibbles too, but anyone so inclined is welcome to bring your own home-made treats to share!

This may be a makeup-oriented event, but that doesn't mean it's ladies only. Everyone is welcome to come down to the shop to learn about Espionage Cosmetics' products and business, and enjoy a night of fabulous company!

Espionage Cosmetics is a locally developed makeup company formulated, packaged, and creatively marketed out of Tacoma, WA, with colors created by a professional make-up artist and United States Marine. Their products are a talc-free, highly pigmented, EVERYTHING shadow, with vegan and non-vegan options, and they've gone global. The Espionage Cosmetics tagline is "Awesome is a colour, and we wear it every day."