During this time Bridge City Comics is doing what we can to adapt our business practices to what is safest for our community, while trying to remain present as a provider of entertainment and ideas. We appreciate your understanding and support for our small business while everything is in flux; please reach out and let us know if there is more we can do to help. We'll see you soon!

I'm new here. What do things like "TP" or "YR" mean? What's the difference between a comic book and graphic novel? Help!
Comic books definitely have adopted their own lingo but it's super easy! Let's break down some of the more common ones:
single issue = a chapter of an ongoing series, usually published once a month
TP = trade paperback (or sometimes TPB)
HC = hardcover
Vol = volume in a series
MR = mature readers
YR = young readers
T+ = teens and up
Trade paperbacks typically collect multiple chapters into a single book and are part of an ongoing series, whereas graphic novels are often self-contained stories (limited to one book) or were created as a long-format book and not previously syndicated through single issue/monthly comics. Examples:
The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman) was originally published as single issue comics before being collected into TPs; the series ran 32 volumes
Watchmen (Alan Moore) was originally published as a 12-issue comic series then compiled into a single graphic novel
Drama (Raina Telgemeier) was created as a single volume graphic novel

When will my order be shipped?
Our brick-and-mortar location is open *most* days throughout the year and we will get your purchased items packed up as soon as possible! Orders are typically processed within 24-48 hours after receiving payment, and shipped the following business day.

How is my order shipped?
We ship primarily via USPS and we have done our best to ensure realistic shipping rates. Some items must ship separately due to size/shape.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we do not offer international shipping options through our website. BUT it is still possible for us to ship to customers outside the United States! Please use our contact form to get in touch and we can get you a shipping estimate.

Can I pick up my online order in your store?
Yes! Just use the code "INSTOREPICKUP"* during checkout to remove the cost of shipping from your transaction, and we'll know to hold the order for you (it should be available for pickup within 1 business day). Orders not picked up for two weeks after the purchase date will be refunded via original payment type at 90%** transaction total and the items will be returned to active inventory.

Our store is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Curbside pickup is still available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-3pm.

*Please note that at this time, customers can apply only one discount code to their transaction. If this is a concern for you, please get in touch!

**We pay a portion of each transaction in nonrefundable fees to both our e-commerce platform and payment processors. If a purchase is abandoned by a customer we will refund the customer for the purchase but cannot refund fees that we have already paid to our service providers; we appreciate your understanding on this.

Where is your retail store located?
Bridge City Comics is based in the beautiful, rainy Portland, Oregon. For more information about our physical location and how to visit us, please check out our About page.

Can I use the website to manage my in-store pull list, or set up a comics subscription through the website?
Sorry but we currently can not synchronize our customer subscriptions database with our online inventory. We agree that doing so would be heckin cool though, and we are keeping our eyes out for a way to maybe make it work someday! However we CAN mail you comics every week or every month, so do get in touch if that's something you're interested in! For a thorough list of each week's new inventory in our brick-and-mortar store, check out the New Releases page.

What's a pull list or a subscription? Huh?
Most comic book series publish a new issue every month, which can be hard to keep track of. Many readers set up a pull box/comics subscription at their local comic shop (LCS). This makes sure that your LCS is ordering in a copy of the comic book you want to read, and that they set it aside for you so the issue won't sell out before you can get to the store to buy it, or miss when a new issue comes out. We do offer subscription services for our customers based in Portland, Oregon, which you can get set up by visiting us in-store.

Are all your comics new and unread?
For the most part, the comic books and graphics novels listed on our website are new/unread. Most variant covers get bagged and boarded after being received in-store and have been handled a minimal amount. Comic sets are mixed condition; most sets are assembled from in-store stock after a series has ended and have potentially been handled by customers before being collected; there is also occasion for a comic set to be made from "used" comics in read/good condition. When it comes to more vintage/collectible comics, we try to make sure that the listing accurately reflects their condition.

I have some questions about the quality of a comic book you have listed, and would like to maybe see more detailed pictures before I purchase it. Is that possible?
Yes totally! We understand that, as a collector, you want to be making an informed decision when it comes to growing your collection. We try to keep accurate descriptions of condition in each product listing, but you are welcome to contact us and request more details about our available comics, either single issues or sets. If a comic is still loose we can send you more detailed photos of the front and back covers, spine and corners, staples, and pages. Graded and "slabbed" comics are sealed in hard plastic cases and while we cannot open them we are happy to send you a better photo of the front and back covers.

Do you buy or trade comics, figures, or trading cards?
Our brick-and-mortar location will take select trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and hardcover books in good condition, and offer up to 25% of the cover price in store credit only. If you have comics you are looking to sell (vintage issues, collections, complete runs, boxes you found in the attic, etc.), please call the shop or use our contact form to find a time to meet with our comics buyer; drop-in availability for selling is extremely limited so please get in touch first!
Right now we are not buying toys, figures, trading cards, or other collectibles.
We do not offer appraisal or grading services for your comic book collection.